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  • How to Find the Perfect Lots: I walk you through my System for Finding the Perfect Lots to Make Offers On that Owners are Motivated to Sell.
  • Access to All the Expanded Documents: Title Holding Trusts, Certification of Trusts Owner-Financing Documents, Notes, QCD, Loan  Training - Everything you need to create monthly cash flows from Lots.
  • How to Negotiate with Owners for Deep Discounts: Listen to me deliver the Scripts -You get my exact presentation with voice inflections and Delivery, with added little nuggets to nail it every time. This alone is worth the Entire Price of the Masterclass Alone.
  • ​NEW for 2021, Use John's Funding to Flip: JV with John and do a Simultaneous Close, where you offer the buyer Owner Financing then sell the note at the closing table to payoff the seller and earn your profit in cash.
  • How to Research Title for Free:  DIY Title Searching and have the Buyer Pay You for doing the Research.
  • How to Close the deal Yourself: Close Flips Yourself or through an escrow company/attorney 
  • How to Sell Every Lot at Top Dollar: How to determine the value of Lots before you every start the process 
  • How to Double Close: Never bring money to your closings, you don't have to How to get Buyers to put up Large amounts of Earnest Money Every Time.
  • How Never to Put up Earnest Money: and Never have a Owner Question It.
  • How to Create the Perfect Ads/Pics: Bring Buyers Running to Buy From You.
  • How to Mark the Lot Corners: locally or Remotely Using Free Apps.
  • How to Flip Virtually: Flip Lots from Anywhere in the World.
  • How to Use Online Resources: for virtually Everything.
  • How to Record Legal Documents: from Anywhere - Anytime
  • Free Access to John's custom coded Auto-Fill Document Generator: This allows you to instantly generate all the documents needed to flip Cash-Flips and Even Owner-Financed Flips. Just plug in names and address, the terms and a few details about the deal and you get an instant PACKAGE of documents to both buy and sell that parcel. No lawyer, no title company needed.
  • Use John's Funding for Texas infill Lot Flips - You can now flip lots and fund the purchase of the lot at closing by selling the Owner Financing Note at Closing. You get more buyers by offering Owner Financing, but you cash that note out at closing, thus putting all cash on the closing table with which to buy the lot and give you your profit. JV with John until you learn the method.
  • You get 24/7 Unlimited Access to the 8-Week Masterclass The number one resource you will need and want to have to review as you go through each flip so you don't miss anything. John walks you through the entire flip process breaking down each section of the flip to make it a step-by-step process. He covers everything you will need to know in order to flip any vacant lot, anywhere, anytime.
  •  Access to John's private Advanced Methods John livestreams advanced training on flipping with owner financing. Ask your questions and learn the latest way to cash in on land using John's unique owner financing methods that FUND YOUR DEAL. That means you don't pay for the land, the owner financing does it for you. 
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Disclosure:  Just because some of the people who have taken my Course and Succeeded in Closing Deals doesn't mean you will. Flipping Real Estate is not Easy, it takes work and dedication. Most people who attempt this business or any business will not succeed.  
As an unlimited time member, you’re also getting hooked up with our "Tax Free Course" that teaches you how to flip your vacant lots in a self-directed IRA account for tax free transactions. 
As an  member, You will not only be able to watch my Live Streams but you will be able to watch the recorded version if you missed them live. They get placed into the member's area. 
I answer all your questions one-on-one in our Live Zoom Calls. You also have access to our Private FB Group for our Inner Circle Members Only. 

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