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Learn how to Use John's Famous Inverse Purchase Method 
to Flip High-End Land.

Tens of Thousands of homes where flipped using this method, now you can use it to flip land of any value.  The secret is using the Inverse Purchase 3-Contract Legs to flip property with.

The Inverse Purchase allows you to flip high-end land or lots (up to multi-million dollar land deals) by using a simple contract to tie up the property allowing you to flip it to an end-buyer and earning the difference between what you contract to buy it at and the amount you resold it at.

You pull yourself out of the transaction using a release clause and an Invoice.

The process is virtually stress-free when compared to fix and flips or even wholesaling where you have a different level of workload and the competition and seller drama that follows those kinds of deals.

Using John’s Inverse Purchase Method he created almost 20 years ago, you can control a high-end priced parcel or lot and flip it to an end-buyer without having to use your money to buy the property yourself. No loans! 

You control the entire process using his 3-Contracts that lock up the deal and then allows you to flip it to the final buyer that brings in the cash to close.
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